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How To get Rid Of Squirrels

How To get Rid Of Squirrels is a very common question these days. Shreveport squirrel removal services are very common among the spring and fall months. It is very common in suburban North Louisiana areas that squirrels will get into attics and crawlspaces of home in search of a safe place to have babies. These nuisance rodents will access homes through any small imperfection of a home. Once inside they can quickly cause costly damage to a home. Once the squirrel is discovered it is important to have it removed quickly to avoid any damage to your home.

These pests will chew holes in your walls, sheetrock, roofs, damage wiring and soil insulation. The last thing you want is allow the squirrels to stay in your attic! Many homeowners in the Shreveport Bossier City Metro Area experience a squirrel in the attic; this is becoming a more common problem as squirrels habitat are being overtaken by subdivisions and other building complexes. Squirrels are normally tree dwelling animals but are taking advantage of these construction flaws of our homes. Shreveport’s Squirrel Removal experts at Wildlife Abatement can provide solutions to get rid of squirrels in attics and prevent future squirrel invasions of your Shreveport Bossier home. Call TODAY to end your squirrel problems! (318)553-3006

Squirrel Removal Service

How To Get Rid of Squirrels

We provide Humane Squirrel Removal

How To get Rid Of Squirrels

Wildlife Abatement, LLC provides Squirrel Removal Service, Wildlife Control and Pest Control for the Northwest region of Louisiana and is based in the Shreveport Bossier City Metropolitan Area. We remove squirrels from attics, perform attic restoration after successful squirrel removal and perform Squirrel Exclusion Services over Shreveport and Bossier City and most of North Louisiana.  We know how to get rid Of squirrels. We are licensed by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators and registered through the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry as Structural Pest Control Technicians. Wildlife Abatement, LLC is one of the very few companies in the Shreveport Bossier City area which is LEGALLY AUTHORIZED by the State of Louisiana to trap squirrels, remove honeybees, and provide armadillo control. We are also authorized to remove skunks, trap raccoons, remove snakes, trap opossum, moles, voles, gophers, beaver, nutria, possum and almost all other wild animals Louisiana has to offer.

If you are hearing noises in your attic you may have a squirrel problem.Squirrels in the Attic will make scratching noises and will sound like something running across your ceiling. Texas is home to three common squirrels including the Rock Squirrel, Eastern Gray Squirrel and Eastern Fox Squirrel. We know how to get rid Of squirrels.

Humane Squirrel Removal

When it comes to Shreveport squirrel removal and control , Louisiana residents want a real professional they can count on for humane and conservation-friendly practices. Wildlife Abatement provides Squirrel Removal and is engaged in the removal of nuisance animals including squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, skunks and bees from homes and businesses in the Greater Shreveport Bossier City Metropolitan area. When squirrels and other rodents gain entry into attics and crawlspaces, they may cause extensive damage to roof shingles, insulation materials and electrical wires. The specialists at Wildlife Abatement provide Squirrel Removal and will initiate a four-step process, starting with trapping and removal followed by exclusion and cleanup to prevent recurrence. Find out how to get rid of squirrels here at Wildlife Abatement. The experts in providing superb squirrel control, squirrel removal and squirrel exclusion. We know ‘How to get rid of Squirrels‘.

Wildlife Abatement is a professional wildlife control company servicing the greater Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana area including Bossier , Caddo, and Webster Parishes.

squirrel-removal_AWe specialize in squirrel removal from places like attics, chimneys,inside walls , fireplaces,dryer vents and in homes and offices.  We are a poison free wildlife removal company and handle all animals in a humane manner.  Wildlife Abatement LLC is licensed by the Louisiana Game Commission and is fully insured.

If you are in need of professional squirrel control, squirrel removal or attic restoration give us call today, we can show you how to get rid of squirrels and solve your Louisiana Squirrel Problem Guaranteed!!

Humane – Efficient – Affordable

Squirrel control can be a difficult task most often requiring ladders and construction skills to solve the problem. We offer complete solutions to squirrel problems by sealing up wildlife entry points to keep the animals out for good. Squirrel exclusion is the process of sealing all possible entry points squirrels may use to enter our homes and is an effective way to protect your property against squirrel invasions. Once all squirrel entry points are sealed the invading squirrels will be evicted permanently.  All of our exclusion work is completed with quality materials designed to keep wildlife outside , as well as blend in unnoticed . We know how to get rid Of squirrels. We offer a 100% guarantee on all squirrel exclusion work against wildlife  re-entry, we will get the squirrels out and keep them out!

Squirrel Removal Pro is a full service wildlife control company specializing in humane squirrel removal, armadillo removalraccoon control , bat removal , bird control,skunk removal, animal trapping and all wildlife pest control.

Remote Squirrel Camera

Our remote game cameras keep us up to date on what is happening at your home minute by minute. We get some interesting pictures for sure. We had 139 pictures in two days of squirrels trying to figure out how to break into a roof vent. They are really useful in proving what the problem really is. Birds taking over an attic where squirrels had chewed a hole in the fascia or “squirrels” with long skinny tails running around in the attic are just an example. Sometimes people don’t want to believe words but pictures don’t usually lie.

How To get Rid Of Squirrels


Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels will locate a weak place in a fascia board and chew their way into your attic in minutes!  Let us show you how to get rid of squirrels! The longer you let them reside in your attic, the worse the problem becomes.  Soon will come young squirrels and the adult female will become even more difficult to capture or trap.  We like to live trap and relocate the offending critter if at all possible then relocate it to an area well away from your home in the woods where they belong!  the damaged area is then repaired using techniques which have been proven to work in squirrel exclusion.  Aluminum flashing and foam are easily breached by squirrels; leave them at the home improvement store!

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Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

Wildlife Abatement

We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business / Veteran Owned Small Business prepared to take care of your immediate wildlife removal needs. Our Emergency Response Trailer is stocked and ready to handle all animal, rodent, pest control and wildlife control problems. We are usually able to respond to your call quickly without having to come back to the office for supplies.

Squirrels are one of the leading wildlife pest in Northern Louisiana invading homes everyday across the Shreveport and Bossier City area. Squirrels can cause considerable damage to Webster Parish homes and buildings during their attempts to enter, and once inside can destroy attic insulation and chew electrical wires.

We offer professional wildlife removal and exclusion , as well as attic clean out services , attic insulation replacement , wildlife damage repair, gutter cleaning and gutter protection systems , chimney capping and more. Call us today (318)553-3006


So when you can’t figure out how to get rid of squirrels call Wildlife Abatement  your Humane Squirrel Removal Specialist serving Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Barksdale Air Force Base LA, Minden LA, Haughton LA, Benton LA, Keithville LA, Greenwood LA, Stonewall LA, Forbing LA, Elm Grove LA, Blanchard LA, Doyline LA and surrounding areas.

Wildlife Abatement offers wildlife removal to industrial, commercial and residential customers. Wildlife Abatement can assist you in resolving your wildlife problems. We also specialize in attic and crawlspace restoration and decontamination. We pride ourselves in being the leaders in wildlife control with exceptional service. We handle every situation in the most humane way possible. We specialize in a wide range of humane wildlife control services including: bat removal, Skunk removal, raccoon removal, squirrel control, bird control, snake removal, bee removal, opossum removal and more. This also includes dead animal removal, damage repairs, waste cleanup, decontamination,deodorization and sanitation.

The professionals at Wildlife Abatement are trained to humanely handle wildlife control situations in the North Louisiana area. If wildlife finds a way into your Shreveport or Bossier City home, Rob will be able to remove the animals from your home as well. He will then identify where the critters entered your home to avoid future infestations. All methods and techniques used by Wildlife Abatement are humane and avoid stress and harm to the animal being removed. Never try to remove the animals on your own. This could cause harm to both you and the animal.

To get started with Wildlife Abatement for squirrel removal and control services for the Shreveport or Bossier City area, call us today at (318)553-3006